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The repertoire for Craig’s last concert with Belle Voci brings to light issues that are near and dear to Craig and the focus of Belle Voci’s mission, “Connecting Song and Community.” Craig cares deeply about this mission. He incorporates it into his music selections and instills it in those he works with so that the lives of singers and audience members alike are enriched with diverse customs and cultures. 


Craig chose this concert’s repertoire with purpose and conviction. “We now live at a time in history when almost all holocaust survivors have passed away. The generation of younger people under age 20 likely will never have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from individuals who suffered and survived, telling the horrors they encountered. ‘Who will tell the story if we don’t?’” In addition, Craig adds that, “Antisemitic and anti-immigrant attitudes are becoming pervasive in many global societies. I want Belle Voci to speak up on behalf of those who are different than ourselves, letting the world know that we are “all in this together” and need to work in consort to make our world a better place.”

Live Stream Available for May 13th Performance

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