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Belle Voci is pleased to present a Sensory Friendly performance of Loving the Stranger on Saturday, May 6, 2023, 2pm. This performance will take place in the Social Hall at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. The following provisions will aid in our patrons' enjoyment of this performance:

  • Shorter in length performance

  • Option to tour facilities before the performance

  • Freedom to move around as needed during the performance

  • Patrons may talk, make noise, or leave their seats during the performance

  • Performance at a lower volume

  • Performance lights remain on low

  • Patrons may bring their own manipulatives and support items

  • Some sensory support items (gadgets, earplugs, manipulatives) provided

  • Quiet area available within the venue

  • Trained volunteers to assist patrons as needed

  • Help desk available for extra assistance

Please contact us at for all Sensory Friendly performance information, ticket provisions, and special offerings. Complimentary tickets and transportation arrangements are funded by grants.  

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