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Leadership Team

Artistic Director:  Lorraine Milovac

Accessibility Coordinator; Ticket Sales Manager:  Craig G. Cannon ( )

Collaborative Pianist:  Kelsey Benigni

Director of Solo Voci:  Rachel Eaton


Bookkeeper; Donations Coordinator; Online Ticket Sales:   Mikayla Ferchaw

Costumes (Concert Attire) Committee:   Naomi Killian, Paula Meverden

Director of Marketing and Communications :  Alexis Bovalino

Directory Administrator:   Patti Linder

​Fundraising Coordinator:   Gail Planz-Wachter

Grant Writers:   Craig G. Cannon, Jackie Slaugenhaupt

Music Librarian:   Sandi Kruse

Singers' Liason to the Board; Newsletter Editor; Concert Program Designer:    Pamela Bruchwalski

Social Media Relations:   Kathleen Galper

Ticket Pre-Sales and Membership Dues Assistant :   Pamela Kimmel

Webmaster:   Pamela Bruchwalski


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