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Belle Voci Strategic Plan

Belle Voci Vision Statement


Belle Voci  will…

•  Build a nurturing, intergenerational family of singers where women pursue musical excellence.

•  Educate and inspire audiences with performances that ignite people’s spirits through artistic choral delivery and cultural enrichment.
•  Inspire women of the choir by fostering personal growth that leads to individual and collective achievements.

•  Showcase “beautiful voices” (Belle Voci) to diverse audiences through various musical genres and regional collaborations.


Strategic Objectives


1. To develop and implement a program to increase audience and public awareness of Belle Voci in the Pittsburgh regional marketplace.

2. To develop and implement an electronic media campaign to increase the level of awareness of Belle Voci’s musical programs.

3. To establish a database to maintain a regular line of communication with supporters.

4. To seek out opportunities to collaborate with other local, regional, and national artists and groups.  

5. To enhance the professional development, knowledge, and abilities of Belle Voci members.

6. To develop the Board of Directors in order to ensure enthusiastic engagement, effectiveness in overall decision making, and future success in fundraising.

7. To sustain a professional active conductor and accompanist in the next five-years to continue to advance the mission and the full potential of Belle Voci. 



Adopted: November 15, 2014*


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