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We offer a special THANK YOU to our gracious supporters:

The Elijah Straw Memorial Fund

The Pittsburgh Foundation

The Schwab Charitable Trust

RAD Allegheny Regional Asset District

Belle Voci Artistic Staff
Craig G. Cannon: Artistic Director
Alice Arnold: Assistant Director
Corinne Fink-Adkins: Accompanist
Rachel Eaton: Solo Voci Director
Jenna Bowman: Giovani Voci Director
Carly Tansimore: Giovani Voci Assistant Director
Lucas Bowman: Giovani Voci Accompanist 
Virtual Concert Production Staff
Production Engineer: Stephanie Backus
Social Media Coordinator: Stephanie Backus 
Marketing Director: Pamela Bruchwalski
Belle Voci Musical Selections Engineer: Stephanie Backus
Giovani Voci and Solo Voci Musical Selections Engineer: Lucas Bowman
Piano Recordings Engineer: Dave Hochendoner
Percussionist: P.J. Gatch
Bassist: Robert Patterson

Special Musical Selections Artists 
Vocal Soloists: Celeste Callahan, Lisa Kessler, and Mary Clare Owens 
Pianists: Corinne Fink-Adkins and Alaine Fink
Vocal Duets: Ella Fennel and Emily Olifson

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