Thank You!

Dear Friends, 


As 2019 draws to a close, I thank you for your remarkable and generous support of the Belle Voci family. From our exciting and successful “All You Need Is Love” concert in February through our May, October, and recent December holiday performances, you were there to listen to, encourage, and applaud us.


To strengthen our organization and allow us the opportunity to continue to serve you with our music, you opened your hearts and wallets and gave to us as sponsors and donors. Most recently, through Give Big Pittsburgh on Giving Tuesday, we surpassed our goal, raising over $12,400. We have YOU to thank for that! From the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t be more grateful. 


On March 14, 2020, we will take on Motown with our next concert, ”Diamond Memories: Celebrating 60 Years of Motown,” at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. We hope to pack the house with our program that includes all of our Belle Voci choirs and features soloists Denise Sheffey-Powell and Franklin Mosley as well as the celebrated Motown cover band, “Horizon.” Watch for more information here on our website and on social media, or catch up with your favorite Belle Voci singer or board member to get the details. You won’t want to miss this concert, and we need all of your support! As always, donors and sponsors will be acknowledged here in our printed programs and on our website. 


On behalf of the entire organization, I wish you and your families a happy and prosperous 2020 filled with all the joy, love - and music - your hearts can hold. 


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to keep us from singing for you in the coming year.



With Sincere Gratitude,

Craig G. Cannon

Artistic Director

Belle Voci is a community-based intergenerational women’s choir that performs an eclectic repertoire of wide-ranging styles, showcasing the performance practices of the music’s origin. Founded in the fall of 2012 by Craig G. Cannon, Belle Voci is currently operating in its eighth concert season.

All Belle Voci singers believe in using our voices to support causes that primarily benefit women. Belle Voci has provided financial and product assistance to several Pittsburgh area social agencies in the past several years. In June 2019, Belle Voci was named a Susan G. Komen Foundation Promise Keeper Awardee for its service singing the national anthem at the start of the Race For The Cure for the past four years.

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